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Health Care

This Genetic Testing Service is designed and developed to help Japanese consumers to make more informed healthcare decisions. Consumers can register for the service online and mail their samples to the Institute of Medical Science, which will be analyzed for genetic markers that indicate risks for 40 types of cancer, 25 types of lifestyle diseases, 87 types of other diseases and 131 physical predisposition factors.

TechonologiesHTML, Angular.js, Java, MySQL


The Navigation System makes it easy to see related information or consult the vehicle owner's manual for specific information about the vehicle. When smartphone is connected to Bluetooth, the system, which, in the event of a crash, will attempt to call emergency services.

TechonologiesiOS, Android


The Insurance System is developed to offer a range of insurance products such as endowment, whole life, accident, annuity across more than 20,000 INSURANCE SUPPORT SERVICE CENTER in Japan.

TechonologiesHTML, Javascript, Java, MySQL

Social Media Marketing

With this social media analytics tool, users can measure performance across Facebook, Twitter, Wechat and Instagram, all within a single platform. Having all of the analytics in one place makes it easier to track trends in followers and engagement, analyze audience.

TechonologiesReact.js, Python, AWS

Ios & Andriod Application

This online photo sharing app allows people to arrange, edit and send real-time photos to a channel that multiple users can press a small 'heart' symbol next to each photos.

TechonologiesiOS, Android

Corporate Data Management

This application acted as the platform to manage over 170,000 customers' data and allows our clients to organize the important data of their customers.

TechonologiesjQuery, Java, Oracle

Board Game

Play Shogi With Cat is a Japanese-style chess gameplay which supports Single-player mode only. In the game, the player has to compete against AI and struggle to win a cat called Tata. To help the beginner get started learning the great game of Japanese chess, we've created beginner's guide. The guide will teach the beginner the rules of chess.

TechonologiesiOS, SpriteKit

Puzzle Game

Link Stones / Brain Training Puzzle is a wildly addicting brain teaser. The game challenges player to match at least 3 of the same or consecutive stones by swiping finger along the screen in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal direction to make the stones disappear. Time is against the player so the player have to be quick to earning bonus time, bonus points and unlock achievements.

TechonologiesiOS, SpriteKit

Action Game

Fastest In The Forest / cute animal running game is a simple 2D game. In the game, the player has to keep a black cat called Loki, protagonist, running and jumping forward at all times to safety and avoid poisonous mushrooms, dangerous gorilla and steep cliffs, and collect grapes for points during Loki's journey.

TechonologiesiOS, SpriteKit